I’ll be like every other photographer out there, I love photography and love photographing people.  So then, what makes me different?  My style.  If you like the photos you see then this is what makes me who I am as a photographer.

I love to document the human experience and I look at every wedding and portrait session differently.  No two couples are alike nor are any of my portrait clients.  We are all individuals and we all have unique qualities which make us who we are.  These are the things I like to focus on.

I am a people person, I am social, I am also kind of sarcastic and silly.  I may end up dancing with your mom at the reception, encouraging silly behavior from the groomsmen or hanging out with the bridesmaids and joking around with your dad.

Fun and love are the main ways I approach weddings.  Life is about love and enjoyment.  This is why I am a photographer.  I like people, I like grumpy people, happy people, goofy people and even those who take themselves way too seriously!  If you like what I do, my budgets are flexible, send me an email and we can begin this conversation.

Thank you!



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